ultra-thick uncured bacon

Natural goodness
that you’ll be proud to serve.

When we created Kurobuta Ranch, we knew that quality had to start at the farm with humanely raised animals by farmers that care. But we didn’t stop there. Everything we do is minimally processed and we refuse to use any artificial ingredients. Our ethical practices ensure that you and your family buy, cook and eat the best quality food.



Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon can also be chopped and put into salads or served alongside BBQ Chicken or a nice steak...

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Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate Covered Bacon can also be decorated with shaved coconut, almond pieces, hazelnut pieces. The sky is the limit...

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Oven Roasted Center Cut Pork Belly

Oven roasted center cut belly is so versatile, it can be used for Chashu Pork, Pork Belly Ramen or Pork Belly Tacos...

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Skillet Gnocchi with
Brussels Sprout and Bacon

Grate good quality Parmesan cheese before serving, adds the Italian tradition to this dish...

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Kurobuta Ranch Chicken

Kurobuta Ranch Chicken is a family fave, low carb and Keto-friendly...

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Kurobuta Ranch Waffles

The bananas are seared in the leftover bacon fat and sprinkled with sugar, giving them a pork-infused caramelization...

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Q. What’s uncured bacon?
Uncured bacon is bacon that hasn’t been cured / injected with sodium nitrites. Uncured bacon has to be labeled “Uncured bacon. No nitrates or nitrites added.” However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have nitrites from naturally occurring sources.

Q.Why is Kurobuta Ranch uncured bacon all natural?
Kurobuta Ranch bacon is smoked with real applewood chips using only pork raised in the USA, always with no antibiotics used, no hormones added, always fed with all vegetarian feed and no animal by products and always made with 100% natural ingredients.

Q. What are the benefits of thick cut bacon vs thin sliced bacon?
Thick cut bacon is more meaty. It allows you to cook it at lower temperatures and slower, rendering most fat and keeping all the flavour. It is so versatile, you can use it in many delicious dishes, including many where bacon is the main protein, like our famous Kurobuta Ranch oven roasted center cut pork belly recipe.

Q. Are all pigs used in Kurobuta Ranch bacon humanely raised?
Every single hog is not only humanely raised but never restrained in gestation or farrowing crates. We love our animals as much as our bacon!

Q. How long does my Kurobuta Ranch uncured bacon last?
Always follow the “use / Freeze by” date printed on the box. Kurobuta Ranch uncured bacon has a 90 days shelf life from production, under refrigeration. Opened Kurobuta Ranch uncured bacon can be frozen, repacked in a resealable bag, removing most of the air, and can last at least 6 months frozen.

Q. Where can I get cooking tips, unique recipes, and any questions, comments about Kurobuta Ranch uncured bacon?
Simply click on the contact us link, submit your form and our culinary experts from Kurobuta Ranch kitchen will always be there for you! Actually we love hearing from users!

Q. How many slices per pound Kurobuta Ranch uncured thick cut bacon yields?
Between 6 and 7 slices per pound.